Skills for Teamwork

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Skills for Teamwork

Research is increasingly becoming a collaborative activity in many disciplines. However, for many postgraduate students their PhD research may often be a solitary activity that does not provide much opportunity for developing teamworking skills. This workshop will explore the principles of effective teamwork. Participants will each discover their own unique strengths that they can contribute to any team. The aims of the workshop are for participants to better understand:

* The various roles that make for a well balanced, effective team
* The roles they prefer to take on, or may default to when working in a team
* How to work constructively with a diversity of preferences and styles within a team


This two-day workshop will include reflective enquiry, group tasks and facilitated reviews. Two well-established theoretical frameworks will be used to explore the teamwork process. These are:

* Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
* Management teams roles indicator (MTRi)

Participants will develop awareness of their own preferred teamworking style and will develop their teamwork skills through experiential learning tasks.

This course is particularly well suited to those students wishing to develop communication, networking and teamworking skills and their personal effectiveness.

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