'Introduction to Skills Development and the Research Log'

Wednesday 30th January 2013 from 2pm-4.30pm

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Introduction to Skills Development and the Research Log

The transition from undergraduate to postgraduate learning is neither an easy nor an obvious one. New levels of independence and performance are expected, often with relatively little guidance about how to develop these and the broader skills and attributes needed. The workshop 'Introduction to Skills Development and the Research Log' is intended to provide some initial pointers for those in the early stages of their research degree.


The UCL Research Student Log requires all research degree candidates to maintain records of formal supervision meetings and provides prompts to plan their skills development and log progress against those plans. On the first theme, this workshop offers vital guidance in communication and meeting management, to ensure that all of your meetings with supervisors and other advisers are maximally productive for all concerned. Secondly, we present tools with which to assess your current skills profile, so that you may accurately identify your areas of strength as well as where to concentrate your efforts for ongoing development. Not only will you be able to make well-informed choices in training, but will be able to better market yourself in the long run. You will know how to build a body of persuasive evidence relating to your current standing and ongoing development, not just have a record of training courses attended. These things are essential foundations for any continuing professional development (CPD) after graduation.

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