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With thanks to Banke Adetayo, one of our PPMS facilitators, who produced, filmed and edited both of the above videos.

PPMS Residential Courses

The centrepiece of the 'Maximising Your Potential' programme is a 3-day residential course, which offers an in-depth opportunity to assess your own skills profile in an active environment, rather than just speculatively thinking and talking about your skills.

The focus is on learning from experience in a supportive environment, where it is possible to learn from your own and others' successes and shortfalls and to take this learning beyond the course into 'real life'. Skill development is essentially an active process. It is usually not sufficient to attend a lecture on teamwork if one is interested in becoming more productive when working in a team, for example. The concepts and theories presented are put to the test and refined in practical action, by having participant teams undertake challenging tasks, which variously require creative thinking, careful planning, organisation and teamwork - as well as a spirit of fun. The implications for ongoing skills development in your everyday environment is the main concern of the course and time is set aside to consider and plan this beyond the course.


The residential course is both intensive and enjoyable, with a combination of small group classroom sessions and (non-strenuous) outdoor activities. The process starts with your individual skill development objectives, enlarging its concern to getting the best from working in groups, teams and organisations. Group events are often helpful in illuminating individual issues also, for example revealing one's habitual approaches to tasks and projects.

The residential course is conducted at a number of venues outside of London - for more detail, click here . All accommodation and meals are provided, with coach transport to the venue as appropriate.


Maximising Your Skills

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