Presentation Skills Workshop
5th March 2013 from 12.30pm-2pm then 12th, 13th & 14th March 2013

1st May 2013 from 12.30pm-2pm then 8th, 9th 7 10th May 2013

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Presentation Skills Workshops

Presentations are a feature of almost all academic and professional activity, whether to large audiences at high profile conferences or to more informal gatherings of interested colleagues. Yet it is the thing that we often feel least prepared for, often a cause for great anxiety. Part of this is about the content to be presented, but much more of the concern is about the simple business of delivery speaking in an informative and engaging way to offer something stimulating and interesting to the assembled audience.


Our presentation skills programme concentrates on developing these skills of good delivery how to plan and prepare properly, to practise and present well, and also to be able to get better every time you give a presentation. The programme consists of a one-hour lunchtime presentation from an experienced speaker, followed a week or two later by an afternoon workshop, where you deliver a short presentation on a topic of your choice to a small group of peers. These presentations are videotaped and replayed one by one to offer unique insights and feedback on your presentation style. Most often people are surprised that they are much better than they thought and that there are several strengths to build on as well as some areas to systematically improve.

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