Leadership & Management
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Leadership and Management

This 3-day residential course is the fourth part of the ‘Maximising Your Potential’ programme. The complete programme, different parts of which may be selected as your interests and needs dictate, comprises:

  1. Part 1: Exploring Skills Development and the Log
  2. Part 2: Personal and Professional Management Skills Residential Course
  3. Part 3: Facilitation Skills Training & Development
  4. Part 4: Leadership and Management Course

Participants discover their own preferred leadership style and learn a process for further developing their skills in order to increase their leadership effectiveness. Specific studio sessions examine skills relevant to leadership and management including personal effectiveness, change management and negotiation. Master classes with external speakers take an in-depth look at current issues of relevance to management and leadership in today’s global society.


This new course builds on the individual and teamwork skills highlighted in the Personal & Professional Management Skills Residential course, to explore team management and leadership in much greater depth. These issues are becoming important and at the same time increasingly complex, as research and development becomes more competitive, interdisciplinary and international. The course will distil from these complexities key principles of inspiring leadership and effective management of ground-breaking projects.

Participants completing the Skills Development Residential Course for Graduates may apply to take part in this course focusing specifically on Leadership and Management skills. There will be a combination of classroom sessions and practical tasks, to provide a balance of theoretical understanding and application of principles in a ‘real world’ setting. All accommodation and meals will be provided, with coach transport to the venue as appropriate.

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