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Facilitation Skills Training

There is an old adage among academics to the effect that there is no better way of learning something than to teach it. Most of us with some experience of teaching would agree, but skills development at all levels requires a different kind of teaching than is usual in knowledge-focused learning. Dubbed 'facilitation', the process relies much more on stimulating thoughtfulness and experimentation through a more indirect approach - one where those learning can discover the important things for themselves and actively develop the skills they need, rather than having an external agenda imposed upon them.

Those who act as facilitators in our workshops and courses often report that the learning they achieve in the process is of a greater depth and value than when they were themselves participants. A key part of realising this value is, paradoxically, maintaining one's attention and commitment on delivering maximum learning value to others.


Facilitation can be used as a learner-focused teaching strategy appropriate to generic and transferable skills such as those highlighted in these courses, but it is also more widely applicable to small group teaching more generally, as well as to team management.

Participants completing the Personal and Professional Management Skills residential course may apply to take part in a further two-day workshop on the development of facilitation skills. As with all skills development, real learning takes time and those interested in going further may have the opportunity to apply and develop facilitation skills in a wide range of roles within our courses.

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