Dog and Bone

Jackal skulls

Jackal skulls

The case:
By measuring minute differences between the component bones of animal skulls, zoologists infer their relationships and evolutionary histories. This discipline - Comparative Anatomy – was one of the most important developments in the field of zoology.
UCL was the first English university to teach this science, with Robert Grant the first Professor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy in the country. By studying the morphological differences between carnivores, like these jackals, current UCL biologists are tying the evidence from Twenty-first Century developments like molecular biology with this long established field. 

The collection:
These skulls come from the Grant Museum of Zoology – one of the country’s oldest natural history collections. As well as its extensive use in teaching and research at UCL, the Museum is open to the public every weekday and runs regular events

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Dog and Bone
Jackal skulls

Jackal skulls
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