Adoptions orphan list

We advise you to select three specimens in order of preference in case your first choice is no longer available. To become a Friend and adopt a specimen, or make an adoption as a gift, please download, complete and return the adoption form (104kb pdf). Please note that we can only accept payment via cash, cheque or postal order. We advise you not to send cash in the post.

Orphan list

Albatross skull
Military macaw skull
Dissected pigeon
Condor sternum
Rhea egg

Domestic sheep skull
Collection of rabbit legs
Striped hyena skull
Cow fur ball / bezoar
Dugong model heart
Streaked tenrec in fluid
Impala head taxidermy
'Semnopithecus' langur brain
Golden mole taxidermy
Bisected lemur head
Giraffe heart
Spider monkey skeleton

Reptiles and Amphibians
Gaboon terrapin skull
Gaboon viper skull Bone Clone cast
Red eared slider turtle
Hawksbill turtle taxidermy
South American bullfrog in fluid


Barbel preserved in fluid
Tench preserved in fluid
Freshwater butterflyfish
Two-banded seabream
Cookie cutter shark jaws

‘Box of bivalves’
Dead man’s fingers coral dry specimen
Giant millipede dry specimen
Preserved nautilus shell
Twin fan worm
Bamboo coral
Preserved cockroach
Orchid mantis
Preserved hooded grasshopper
Squat lobster
Preserved starfish
Leaf cutter ant
Sara longwing butterfly
Scorpion in fluid