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Qrator iPads
Location: Around the edge of the Museum, and one in the centre

Get involved with one of the Current Question iPads asking questions about science in society and how museums should operate

Qrator iPads

When the Grant Museum moved to its current home in the Rockefeller Building a new project was established to involve visitors in important debates about modern science and its role in society, and how museums should be managed and care for their collections today.

Working with colleagues from UCL Centre for Digital Humanities and UCL Centre for Advanced Spacial Analysis, we developed an app “QRator" for ten iPads attached to displays in the museum and personal smart phones.

People can get involved in conversations around topics such as “What makes an animal British?”, “Should human and animal remains be treated differently in museums like this?” and “Should science shy away from studying differences between the races by commenting on the iPads, downloading the app on their smart phones and visiting on their computers.

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