20th century

  • 1890-1910 Many of the Insecta biodiversity specimens were collected at this time by a number of collectors including O.C.M.Reid and C.W.Ellacombe.
  • 1905 Some of Dr. Philip Brookes Mason’s “unrivalled collection” of British Lepidoptera are bought by either Finzi or the Grant Museum.
  • 1919 Collection of “bloodsucking flies” transferred from British Museum of Natural History (now the Natural History Museum).
  • 1911 The Mr. John A. Finzi collection is donated to the museum by his widow and daughter.
  • 1933 Collections moved to Medawar building.
  • 1939-1945 Whole collection evacuated to Bangor to avoid damage during the war.
  • 1961 "B.C." Collection of moths from Trinidad collected.
  • 1980-81 Specimens used in the A-level exam lab at the Pharmacy building are transferred to the museum.

1995-1997 Grant Museum moved from Medawar building to Darwin building.