Vincula - 4th Annual Slade/UCL Art Museum Collaboration

  • 8 May - 8 June 2012
Bat and Full Moon

The 4th annual Slade/UCL Art Museum collaboration began with an invitation to today's artists to develop their own practices while exploring and responding to art from the past. With the Museum's vast collections of award-winning works by Slade alumni as well as works by revered Old Masters situated only minutes away from the artists' studios, this collaboration presents a unique opportunity for a dialogue across time through which to explore new ideas. This exhibition features the work of selected finalists. Free admission.

Image: Yoshikuni, Bat and Full Moon ©UCL Art Museum

  • Bat and Full Moon
  • Trained Monkey Looking at an Insect, Ohara Koson
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  • Vincula10
  • Vincula11
  • Vincula12
  • Vincula2
  • Vincula3
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  • bronze pop-up