'The Paradox of Mezzotint'

  • 2 July - 31 October 2009
“The paradox of the mezzotint”

This exhibition traces mezzotint’s development from the first professionally produced prints in the 1660s to the technique’s zenith in the late Eighteenth Century. It aims to reappraise the art-historical significance of mezzotint as the first tonal method of printmaking, by examining a number of inter-related theoretical issues that taken together constitute “the paradox of the mezzotint”. Drawing on the resources of the University of Kent Print Collection, Canterbury Museums Collection, the Strang Print Room and a private collection, the exhibition will include works by such leading mezzotinters as Wallerant Vaillant, Isaac Beckett, John Smith, Elisha Kirkall, James McArdell, Valentine Green, Richard Earlom and John Raphael Smith.