Moreover: the Slade revisits UCL Art Collections

  • 11 April - 17 June 2011

This exhibition began with a challenge to all current students at the Slade to develop their own practice using contemporary media and contemporary modes of thinking while taking the time to consider and appreciate what has gone before. Students excavated the collections to discover hidden treasures including an 18th-century print of a Soho drag queen, an annotated drawing by the arts educator and painter William Coldstream, John Flaxman’s neo-classical plaster casts, postcards addressed to Stanley Spencer, charts used by museum staff to map the shifting locations of art work – plus more. Moreover presents the work of 21 finalists – all of whom have appropriated, undermined and/or marked up past masters to create individual, new work in a range of media, including performance, print, sculpture, and video.

Emilie Atkinson, Claire Boyd, Will Davis, Becca Djan, Laura Elias, Nicolas Feldmeyer, Catharina Golebiowska, Thomas Jenkins, Nadine Mahoney, Sam Mould, Haruka Ono, Ninna Pedersen, Harriet Poznansky, Nina Prader, Nina Rodin, Patricia Townsend, Kristan Saloky, Alex Springer, Cyrus Shroff, Mo Wang, Vivien Zhang

Image: Nicolas Feldmeyer, Untitled (Woven Portico) 2011, digital print © Nicolas Feldmeyer