Second Person Looking Out

12 May - 13 June 2014

Second Person Looking Out marks the sixth annual collaboration between the Slade School of Fine Art and UCL Art Museum. 

Live events in conjunction with the One Day in the City festival on 13 June

Showing Seeing by Helena Hunter, 12:30-1:30pm, UCL Art Museum

Screening and Discussion with Saradha Soobrayen

As part of One Day in the City Festival at UCL and Second Person Looking Out, the 6th Slade/UCL Art Museum collaboration.

Join Helena Hunter for a screening of her new short film Showing Seeing followed by a discussion with poet and writer Sarahda Soobrayen. The film is set in an optical museum and a museum of theatre and performance. The settings present a farming device for a personal narrative that negotiates the visual acts of remembering and forgetting. As the camera contemplates the theatrical objects and optical artefacts a voice recounts the experiences relating to looking, training and performance.

Helena Hunter is based in London, her work spans live performance and the moving image. She has exhibited nationally and internationally including screenings and performances at: The Barbican Art Gallery, Art13 Art Fair, Ceri Hand Gallery, Flat Time House, Jerome Zodo Contemporary(Milan), Manchester Art Gallery, Instantanee (Rome), City of Women (Ljubljana). She was shortlisted for The Arts Foundation Award in 2011 and UKYA British Art Showcase in 2010.

Saradha Soobrayen is a poet and writer who lives and works in London. Several anthologies have featured Soobrayen's poems, including Oxford Poets Anthology, Poetry Review and The Forward Book of Poetry. She was names by The Guardian as one of 'Twelve to Watch' up and coming new generations of poets and won an Eric Gregory Award for her poetry.She has served as Editor for Chroma and Reviews Editor for Modern Poetry in Translation.

One Day in the City Festival 2014

Getting Close but then again not close at all by Olga Koroleva, 12:30-4pm

Live installation duration: approx. 10-15mins

Portico steps (outside) 12.30pm / 3:50pm 

Gustave Tuck staircase (South Wing lift) 12:30pm / 1:50pm / 3:00pm / 3:50pm

Darwin Lecture Theatre (Darwin B05 staircase) 12:30pm / 2:00pm / 2:45pm

Created especially for the One Day in the City Festival, part two of the two-part work ‘Getting close but then again not close at all’ (part one is on show at UCL Art Museum) is a live installation comprising eight performers with objects. The script, written in collaboration with UCL Art Museum visitors in response to prints by Giovanni Piranesi held in the museum collection, addresses some ongoing themes in the artist’s work: repetition as a perceived source of learning, but also a tool for abstraction, (mis)communication and (mis)interpretation in contemporary urban fabric, and references to backstage workings of theatre and cinema in comparison with the work of our own bodies. 

A Female Statue, Hercules with a Vase, Minerva, a Relief of Two Dancers, 12pm - 2pm - 4pm

Lea Collet

Starting point: Outside the Print Room Cafe

Suggesting a discourse around the idea of the dematerialized or the immaterial in relation to objects and physical bodies, through storytelling (narration) and direct embodiment (enactment), A Female Statue, Hercules with a Vase, Minerva, a Relief of Two Dancers is a live performance where 10 female performers,  are ask to respond in a semi-improvised performance to a set of instructions. As a group, they carry  boxes fill with objects and props within which they are ask to interact . Through a promenade in UCL, sculptural objects become actants creating a choreographed visual scene.

A Female Statue, Hercules with a Vase, Minerva, a Relief of Two Dancers intend to investigate the historical processes that reach into the present in order to interrogate and reflect upon our social reality. With associative references to the Greek chorus as well as the Greek Antiquity, the idea of staging becomes a means of re-thinking the relationship between body and image, immediate experience and mediated information, a projected image and a performed body or a movement without a body. These elements activate an interchangeable space and invite the audience to re-configure the relations between private experience and public space.

Incurable Brain Fungus Two, 12:30 until the last print is taken

Freddie Duffield & Sarai Kirshner

Come to UCL Art Museum from 12:30 to catch your own Incurable Brain Fungus Two with a print giveaway. Limited edition: first come, first served until we run out.

Maxima Smith, South Cloisters, 2-4pm

This year, a new partnership with the English Department's One Day in the City festival is instrumental in setting the theme and the challenge put to the Slade artists who were invited to look at UCL Art Museum's collections to develop their own work while engaging with the importance of time, place, London, literature and other sources of inspiration.

Artists participating in Second Person Looking Out: Lea Collet, Freddi Duffield, Robbie Fife, Benjamin Heiken,  James Kelly, Jonathan Kipps, Sarai Kirshner, Anna Klimentchenko, Olga Koroleva, Helena Hunter, Katja Larsson, Milou Van Der Maaden, Neena Percy, Cheryl Simmons, Maxima Smith, Lara Smithson, Ping Zheng.

Previous collaborations include: Sequel (2009), Transfer (2010), Moreover (2011), Vincula (2012) and Duet (2013).

Second Person Looking Out was made possible with the support of the UCL English Department and the Slade School of Fine Art.