Research services

Only a small percentage of UCL’s art collections can be displayed in order to maintain best preservation practice. UCL Art Museum offers visitors access to its reserve collections by appointment. It is advisable to reserve your appointment as early as possible. A member of staff is available at all times to supervise and to assist visitors with their inquiries.

UCL Art Museum’s on-line catalogue provides an inventory list of all accessioned works in the collections. Access to reference books, box lists and exhibition catalogues relating to works in the collection are readily at hand in the museum.

How to make an appointment

1. Admission to see the study collections is by appointment only, and visitors are advised to book as far in advance as possible. It is advised that visitors have a good idea of what they want to see at the time of booking. Details of the collections are available online via the Museum's website.

To request an appointment, please contact a member of staff at, giving your name, contact details, proposed dates of visit and the purpose of your visit. The Museum will reply by email or telephone, either confirming the date or suggesting another.

If you have any particular access requirements, please let us know so that we can ensure we meet them as fully as possible e.g. wheelchair/mobility access; magnification equipment.

2. Please report to a member of staff at the time of your appointment. The doors may be shut, but you are free to enter without knocking. You will then be given directions on how to use the print room and shown where to wash your hands. You are encouraged to bring study materials and laptops, but we ask you to leave food and drink (including bottled water), pens and chewing gum, mobile phones, cameras and audio devices away from the room.

Only pencils may be used.

3. If this is your first visit you will be asked to complete a registration form. All visitors must sign the Visitor Book.

4. Consulting the UCL Art collections. The staff member on duty will have the works that you have requested ready for the time of your appointment. Please be advised that only museum staff are permitted to handle the works. They will however assist

5. Photography orders must be made via UCL Art Museum. Staff are available to answer questions regarding copyright.