Stamp printing plates, dies and rollers – from vault to view

Printing plate

Non-national, specialist museums rarely have access to 3D digitisation technologies. This project will facilitate the British Postal Museum and Archive’s access to 3D digitisation, it will also provide UCL with a test-bed for 3D imaging. Beginning in 1840 with the creation of the world’s first stamp, the Penny Black, the BPMA records the history of stamp production in the UK. It holds a large collection of dies, rollers, and printing plates. These objects provide an insight into the cycle of stamp production, but they have rarely been photographed and are unavailable for consultation by the public. This project aims to combine a number of technologies in order to capture these items as 3D digital objects, which will ultimately provide the museum with a publicly accessible resource.

For the latest updates on the project read the blog and find further information on UCL's research pages.

Project Leads
  • Mona Hess, Research Associate, UCL Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering
  • Martin Devereux, Head of Digital, The British Postal Museum and Archive