Drawing parallels – artistic encounters with pathology

Drawing parallels

This partnership between Barts Pathology Museum, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and UCL Pathology Collections aims to survey the attitudes of medical specialist and non-medical specialist audiences towards preserved pathology specimens. There is a need for serious and balanced discussion around the display of pathology collections; and university museums are ideally placed to facilitate discussions around these often controversial issues relating to health, wellbeing, and medical advances. Findings from the project will inform how such specimens are interpreted and displayed at both collections, including the development of a new medical museum at UCL.


A series of practical workshops will be organised involving: medical practitioners,  including pathologists, medical students, and non-medical specialists, from UCL and QMUL and the wider public.

Participants at the workshops will encounter photographs and drawings of pathology specimens as well as specimens themselves. They will be encouraged to share their views: developing their encounters through drawing and dialogue.


To find out more about the workshops which have taken place or to sign up for a workshop please contact Dr Lucy Lyons through the project website.

Image courtesy of Tony ‘TK’ Smith 

Project Leads
  • Dr. Alex Freeman, Division of Surgery and Interventional Science, UCL
  • Nick Booth and Subhadra Das, Teaching & Research Collections, Museums & Public Engagement, UCL
  • Carla Valentine, Technical Curator, Barts Pathology Museum,Queen Mary University
  • Dr Lucy Lyons, Artist in Residence,  Barts Pathology Museums, Queen Mary University