British music experience

British music experience

This project aims to address the lessons that can be learned from the British Music Experience in relation to the enablers and barriers that small independent museums face in building deep relationships with their core visitors through Membership and similar schemes.

Initially this project asked Ravensboune College Masters of Design students to implement an audience development strategy at the BME. However, the project had to adapt when in April 2014 the BME announced it was closing its doors to the public. The BME, based at The O2, opened its doors in 2009. Its intention was to protect and preserve Britain’s rich pop music heritage through its collection of instruments, stage costumes, artefacts and related ephemera. As a museum it offered interactive learning zones, a live music venue, and immersive audio visual spaces. 

The closure of the BME changed the planned project from one of implementing an audience development plan at the BME to the students conducting a review of the successes and weaknesses in the BMEs attempts to grow a community of interest and diversifying its services. This will require the project to draw on the research that has already been carried out with the BME and contextualise the experiences of the BME in relation to other small independent museums in London.

Project Events

Open Innovation: Transforming the value of visitors, members and friends in the Independent Museum sector, 23 September 2014, Ravensbourne

Project Leads
  • Paul Sternberg,  Programme Director, Master of Design & Innovation, Postgraduate Faculty, Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication
  • Susanne Buck, Education and Audience Development Manager, British Music Experience, The O2