The team

The E-curator Steering Group members are:

Sally MacDonald

Director of UCL Museums and Collections. Principal Investigator of the E-curator Project. Chair of the steering group. Click here to see her profile.

s.macdonald (at)

Dr Graeme Were

Was Head of Teaching and Research Collections at UCL and is now Lecturer in Museum Studies at the University of Queensland, Australia. He was responsible for the selection of suitable objects and co-ordinate the scanning process from the curatorial side. Click here to see his profile.

g.were (at)

Dr Stuart Robson

Department of Geomatic Engineering at UCL, he is an expert in laser scanning and engineering metrology and will coordinate and ensure quality control in the acquisition and data processing stages of the project. Click here to see his profile.

s.robson (at)

Dr Ian Brown

He is a research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford University, and an honorary senior lecturer at University College London. He will manage the design and implementation of the e-Science framework for the project, supervising the Computer Science research assistant. Click here to see his profile.

ian.brown (at)

Yean-Hoon Ong

Computer Science-based research assistant is undertaking a technology transfer process within which existing e-science, model visualisation and engineering metrology software tools are integrated to produce a computing environment that is appropriate for use by those working on the chosen objects from the arts and humanities components of the project. (at)

Mona Hess

Museums and Collections-based research assistant has joined the project once the core software tools were at a stage where they can be tested with larger data sets. She is working with the Steering Group to organise the formative workshop, and all interim evaluation sessions with curators and conservators. She will organise the summative workshop contribute to the final report and publish in appropriate professional contexts. Mona's staff webpage is here.

m.hess (at)

Francesca Simon Millar

The AHRC Project student will explore the usage of the developed tools and undertake re-scanning and comparison of the objects on a periodic basis. This work will form the basis of a PhD investigation of the abilities of 3D colour scanning and e-science based data sharing and visualization for the museum community.

f.millar (at)

For further information write to e-curator (at)