Apply to exhibit in the Cloisters, front Quadrangle, Portico and North Lodge

Exhibitions Policy

UCL is committed to encouraging academic-public engagement. Exhibitions at UCL will range from major installations and corporate events to small scale displays but any exhibition in our public spaces should look good and communicate effectively. All exhibition organisers are required to comply with UCL's Guidelines for Exhibition Organisers. The aim of this policy is to set clear criteria for programming and to give exhibition organisers clear guidance on planning to achieve the highest standards of presentation.

This policy applies to any exhibition in UCL’s public spaces that is scheduled to last for more than 7 days (including set up and dismantling). UCL’s public spaces are:

  • The North and South Cloisters
  • The Front Quadrangle
  • The Portico
  • The North Lodge

Overall programming of these spaces is undertaken by the Public Programming Group. This group meets several times each year to review the overall programme, consider proposals for major bookings and schedule successful bookings within the overall timetable.

You must be a member of staff or a student at UCL to be able to apply to exhibit.

Please submit a proposal form at least 6 months in advance of your proposed start date. You are strongly advised to contact the UCL Exhibitions Officer, Susie Chan, who can advise on the suitability of proposed spaces and other relevant issues:

  • 020 7679 3163 (ext. 33163)

Our selection criteria

In considering proposals for major bookings for exhibitions, the Public Programming Group will be looking for proposals that satisfy criterion a) below and as many as possible of criteria b) to j):
a. Rooted in UCL’s teaching, research, student activity or community engagement
b. Cross-disciplinary
c. Innovative, inspirational, challenging
d. Developed with external partners
e. Developed with involvement of London communities who are considered a priority by UCL’s Public Engagement Strategy
f. Appropriate for their intended audience
g. Inventively marketed
h. Evaluated
i. Potential for online presence
j. Visually arresting and/or multi-sensory

The Public Programming Group may, in approving a proposal, require the organiser to adjust aspects of the proposal. Organisers will be expected to liaise with the UCL Exhibitions Officer who will assist with planning.

Please note that there are separate arrangements for exhibitions in the Octagon Gallery.