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Date: 21 August | Time: 6 - 8pm | Location: Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology | Price: Free, £5 donation requested. | Age group: Adult. |

Find our inner TV Amazon this summer as part of our themed series assessing fantasy and SF uses of classical mythology in television.
A group of female Jaffa warriors have founded a separate colony, saving girl children who would have been sacrificed at birth. The Stargate team try to persuade the female Jaffa that they do not have to kill male Jaffa in order to survive. Introduced by Amanda Potter.

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Date: 28 August | Time: 6-8.30pm | Location: The Petrie Museum | Price: Free but donation for drinks | Age group: ANY |

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (UK/US, Richard Lester, 1966)

Zero Mostel dominates the screen in Richard Lester's musically pared down but cinematically expanded version of Stephen Sondheim's hit musical farce, based on the works of Plautus. A beautifully recreated (and authentically grubby) First-century Rome is the setting for this frenetic comedy of confused courtesans, swaggering soldiers and scheming slaves, starring a host of much-loved comedy actors from both sides of the Atlantic. Introduced by John J Johnston.

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