Past exhibitions

Model Translations @ UCL Octagon | Growing Knowledge @ British Museum | Medicine in Ancient Egypt @ Royal Society of Medicine

Model translations | UCL Octagon

UCL Octagon Gallery, London, UK, 27 November 2012 - 30 April 2013


This is the first exhibition in the newly-opened UCL Octagon gallery. In keeping with the remit to highlight UCL’s current research and showcase its collections, the exhibition includes objects from the Petrie Museum and a display of a 3D model of a funerary figure. 

Here are some impressions of the Inaugural UCL Octagon exhibition 'Model Translations' featuring 3DPetrie interactive.

3D_Petrie Exhibitions: UCL Octagon , Model translations

Growing Knowledge Exhibition

The British Library, London, UK, 12 October 2010 – 16 July 2011

This interactive exhibition at the British Library gave visitors an opportunity to try out innovative digital resources and research tools. Our virtual exhibition Crossing Over was one of the featured displays (http://pressandpolicy.bl.uk/Press-Releases/Growing-Knowledge-Exhibition-Enters-a-Second-Phase-4aa.aspx).

3D_Petrie Exhibitions

Medicine in Ancient Egypt

The Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK, December 2008 - February 2009

Objects from the Petrie Museum were featured in an exhibition at The Royal Society of Medicine in London in 2009. A fragile bronze statuette of Imhotep was too fragile to go on loan, therefore a film about the statuette was exhibited in its place featuring a 3D scanned model of Imhotep.

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