3D Petrie App for our Interactive Business Card - Instructions

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Download 3DPetrie app for Android


3D Petrie app for iPhone.

3DPetrie Interactive Business Card: Now out for Android devices.

3DPetrie is the app that lets you stay in touch with the Petrie Museum staff and know more about their research in 3D modelling. Please see below for instructions.

The 3DPetrie App is currently programmed for Android devices and iPhone, e.g. phones or tablet computers.

What does the app offer?

This Augmented reality application offers new 3D dynamic content from 3DPetrie every month, by pointing the camera of their Android device onto the logo to the back of our the 3DPetrie teams business cards. It is free to download and to use.

How do I download this app? And what can I do with it?

  1. Download. To use this app the first task is to go and download it from GooglePlay or iTunes by clicking on the icons above.
  2. Install on your device.
  3. Open the App. Next you will need to activate the app, by clicking on the 3DPetrie icon on your device's desktop. It looks like the image above.
  4. Open the 3D content with the QR code.  Point your camera on the QRCode again to unveil it's dynamic 3D content of the month! The QR code functions as AR marker. You can either use the logo on the back of the business card, or point it onto the screen logo image in our download suite. The your screen will come to life to display a 3D model pop up on your screen.
  5. How do I navigate? Either pick up the business card and move it to and from the screen, or turn it. Or touch the screen to move or rotate the object, using your fingers enabling you to examine front, back, sides. To zoom in and out you will have to approach or go further away from the screen.

Ask us for a business card next time we meet and download the app to try!

We hope you enjoy it!

The 3DPetrie team.

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