e-brochure 'Science of 3D' published by 3D Petrie

UCL Portico from 2D to 3D, ImageCollage by Charles Thomson, UCL CEGE

UCL is contributing to UK Qatar Year of Culture. University College London (UCL) is excited to be taking part in Qatar UK 2013 which celebrates the friendship between Qatar and the United Kingdom through the arts, culture, education, science and sport.

For those who will not have the opportunity to visit the exhibition "3D Encounters: Where Science meets Heritage" at UCL Qatar (Doha) or those who want to know more about the research behind it, this digital flipbook provides a behind the scenes look at 3D research and development at UCL, and in particular at UCL Museums and Public Engagement , and UCL Photogrammetry, 3D imaging and metrology reseach group. Being able to scientifically capture objects ‘in the round’ can support conservation programmes and enable close comparison of similar objects. In order to assess the potential of 3D recording to permit new interpretations and reach new global audiences for the museum world, this e-brochure has contributors who are conversant in the technology, 3d graphics, software development, digital humanities, curation, museum management, anthropology and practice of object handling and 3D capture.

The editors would like to thank all contributors to this 'Science of 3D' e-brochure! A special "Thank You" to Professor Michael Worton who commissioned and inspired this e-publication.

View the e-brochure.  It has the following chapters, each with case studies from 3D Petrie and UCL CEGE.

More information about the editors of this brochure: Mona Hess, Tonya Nelson, Stuart Robson. 

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