Reconstructing Identity

Study and research of human remains presents many challenges but also offers exciting opportunities for a multidisciplinary approach.

Images of Augmented Reality App 'Reconstructing Identity'.

3D scan of the skull.

This interactive showcases forensic research carried out on an ancient skull perhaps dating back over 4,000 years by specialists at the Institute of Archaeology, using equipment supplied by UCL Medical Physics

The skull was imaged with a colour laser scanner.


Scientific reconstruction of Inti's face on the basis of the geometry recorded by 3D laser scanning.

Using the 3D model, a reconstruction of the face was created in collaboration with a specialist at the University of Liverpool in order to see how this individual might have looked.
Reconstructing Identity Augmented Reality App used at the Petrie Museum

Augmented Reality App on an iPad. The display of the skull is triggered by an image marker.

A new resource centering this application within debates on identity and the ethics of displaying human remains is now in development for use by secondary schools.

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