i-Curator: 3D Design for museums

i-Curator. This application can be used as a design tool for museum professionals, as a teaching aid for museum studies students, or more widely by anyone interested in exhibition development.
3DPetrie_Our3DInteractives  For professionals and students, the ability to design spaces and place objects accurately in virtual space saves time and preserves fragile objects. For others, iCurator offers an opportunity to experience the creative process of curating their own exhibitions and sharing them with others.
3DPetrie_Our3DInteractives Museum exhibition design is a complex activity which comprises not only the optimization of the exhibit spaces, but also the arrangement of the objects, their interpretation and their location inside cabinets or kiosk. More and more, museums are looking outside their own curatorial staff for assistance with exhibition design and development.
3DPetrie_Our3DInteractives The devised tool aims to provide a collaborative virtual environment that can be accessed by users remotely and allows them to participate in the design of spaces and/or exhibitions.

The application features a client-server architecture where the server runs a multi-player graphics engine and a web-server. The multi - player graphics engine maintains the client’s views synchronized across the network and the web-server provides access to the on-line objects catalogues. Depending on their permission, users are allowed to interact with objects in the space, leave multi-media tags or exchange ideas via a chat channel.

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