Crossing Over

Images of the 'Crossing Over' virtual exhibition, presenting 3D images of objects from the Petrie museum in a new context.

Screenshot of 'Crossing over' entry page.

Using 3D imaging, the 'Crossing Over' virtual exhibition demonstrates how 3D can enhance storytelling and highlight contemporary issues. 

The exhibition combines concepts of crossing over into the afterlife with the very relevant issues of the impact cultures may have on each other at points of interface.


Photograph of a museum visitor inspecting a cartonnage mask in the Petrie Museum.

Evaluation of this application was undertaken by UCL Master's students at UCLIC (Human Computer Interaction) and in Digital Humanities.

In 2010, Crossing Over was part of a British Library exhibition, Growing Knowledge, which attracted over 35,000 visitors.

The virtual exhibition is currently on display at the Petrie Museum.

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