Connecting the Past

Images of 'Connecting the Past', interactive to virtually reunite two fragments of one footcover.

Screenshot of entry site of the interactive 'Connecting the Past'.

Where objects are broken or damaged, the fragments can end up in different parts of a collection, in different museums, or even in different countries. 3D imaging opens up exciting opportunities to reunite objects wherever they are found.

Photograph of a young visitor at the Petrie Museum, matching the two 3D images of the footcovers together.

Based on technology developed for the gaming industry, we created an interactive that allows visitors to join together two fragments of a decorative foot cover and tell us how they would like to see them displayed.

To see a video of the 3D imaging and presentation of the app in the Petrie museum, you can watch a video on Youtube.

To read more about how we 3D imaged the foot cover fragments, please go to our paper publication.

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