A Modern Make-over

Images of the 'Modern Make-over' interactive, allowing to interactively exlore conservation alternatives.

Screenshot of entry page of the 'Modern Make-Over'.

When the Petrie Museum decided to undertake conservation treatment to restore a badly damaged cover placed over the head of an ancient mummy, we saw an opportunity to use 3D imaging to record the treatment and explore its potential in conservation.

You can see a video of the conservation of the mask on YouTube.


Photograph of young visitors exploring the 3D image on a touchscreen. The cartonnage mask is shown as interactive 3D image. Alternative proposals for the reconstruction of the mouth area can be tried out from the right side of the screen.

In collaboration with a PhD student in the '3D imaging, Photogrammetry and Metrology Centre' at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, it was possible to advance new photographic techniques in 3D imaging and develop an interactive allowing visitors to understand the decision process for reconstructing this stunning artefact and explore for themselves how it could be restored.

For more information about the imaging procedure please visit our paper publication on UCL Discovery.

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