About 3D image capture

The Petrie Museum is developing an innovative 3D imaging programme using state-of-the-art technology that will help transform museum practice and enrich visitor experiences and best-practice for 3D imaging in the museum and cultural heritage sector.

In partnership with 3D imaging company, Arius 3D Inc., the museum has been 3D colour laser scanning objects from the collection. Other photographic methods have also been used. 

Below you see a slideshow of 3D imaging projects with 3D Petrie and the Photogrammetry, 3D imaging and Metrology research group at UCL CEGE.

We are working with a range of different technologies including:

  • 3D colour laser scanning (Arius3D Foundation model 150, Arius3D Rover)
  • High-resolution digital close range photogrammetry
  • RTI/PTM for re-lighting of surfaces
  • 3D handheld laser scanning (Nikon MDDx with Krypton Camera bar)
  • Terrestrial laser scanning with Faro Photon, Faro Focus3D and Leica Scanstation

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