Petrie Museum

The collection is full of 'firsts':

  • One of the earliest pieces of linen from Egypt (about 5000 BC);
  • the earliest example of metal from Egypt, the first worked iron beads;
  • the earliest 'cylinder seal' in Egypt (about 3500 BC);
  • the oldest wills on papyrus paper, the oldest gynaecological papyrus and the only veterinary papyrus from ancient Egypt;
  • the largest architectural drawing, showing a shrine (about 1300 BC).

Costume is another strength of the collection. In addition to the 'oldest dress' there is a unique beadnet dress of a dancer from the Pyramid Age, about 2400 BC, two long sleeved robes of the same date; a suit of armour from the palace of Memphis (awaiting reconstruction), as well as socks and sandals from the Roman period.

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