UCL Museums & Collections Survey 2007

Attitudinal Research to Support Development (Jun 2007)

The results of a staff and student survey on UCL Museums & Collections, undertaken in June 2007, are informing the next stages of developing the collections for teaching, research and public engagement. The survey solicited information and opinion including:

  • the UCL community‚Äôs awareness of the collections
  • their experience as visitors, researchers, teachers and students
  • the types of services provided
  • the principles of acquisition and transfer

This report represents the first step towards producing an audit of the pre-1948 human remains in UCL collections and developing a university policy on the care and treatment of human remains. As the report notes, the project was motivated by the recent report of the DCMS Working Group on Human Remains (WGHR) and, because it was time-limited, focused in particular on locating and documenting indigenous human remains.