How to develop schools and learning programmes

Schools and learning at the Petrie Museum
Engaging with schools at the Petrie Museum, UCL

This course will give students the skills to develop and run museum programmes for children and young people (ages 5-16). The course will focus on methods for using museum collections to teach in formal and informal educational settings. Subjects covered will include how to use museum objects into the classroom, how to design school lesson plans incorporating museum collections; and how to develop interpretation materials and activities for use within the museum that engage children and promote informal learning.

Course Designer

John Reeve teaches on the Museums and Galleries in Education MA at the Institute of Education, London University, and Bridget Mckenzie is a consultant working on cultural and educational projects. The course will be designed by John Reeve and Bridget Mackenzie, and delivered by Bridget Mackenzie.


18th - 22nd August 2014




The deadline for the 2014 Summer School has now passed.  All applicants will be informed of the status of their application on Friday 30 May.  To register your interest in the 2015 Summer School, please select Request Additional Information.


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