Outreach sessions for KS3 and KS4

We run hands-on curriculum-linked workshops in schools, using object-based learning with genuine museum artefacts. Our learning team offer the only schools outreach service for natural history and Egyptian archaeology in London, as well as other archaeological topics.

The sessions typically last one hour with one class (approx 30 students) and we can visit between two and four classes in one school in a day. We can only visit a school when we visit more than one class (except with Rocks workshops). We support the Primary and Secondary Curricula and are happy to discuss other ways of working in your school. To book or enquire about outreach services please contact the Head of Learning and Access.

Outreach workshops are free. We may be able to provide additional Rocks workshops charged at cost, please enquire for details.

You can choose from the following workshops supporting these subjects:

Science outreach

Habitats and Adaptations (KS3, KS4 and Post-16)

  • Environment and feeding relationships
  • Adapting to your environment
  • ON REQUEST: Evolution
  • ON REQUEST: Conservation

Rocks and Weathering (KS3)

History outreach

Slavery (KS3)

  • Introduction to some of the issues around the Transatlantic Slave Trade
  • The archaeological evidence of the slave trade
  • How to investigate objects

Coming soon - A resource using our Ancient Greek collection for Year 12 Classics and History

Citizen outreach

Citzenship and Identity (KS3 and KS 4)

  • Can physical appearances tell us anything about people?
  • Take your own fingerprints.
  • Measuring head size, looking at glass eyes (Biometrics).
  • ID Cards and identity debates.
  • Who was Francis Galton?