Loan boxes for KS1 and KS2

In addition to facilitated workshops we offer a wide selection of loan boxes to schools and other organised groups, with fascinating museum objects to handle. The boxes have been developed with resources and lesson plans to support the National Curriculum and loan boxes currently available cover study units within History, Science, Art and Citizenship. They can be used to support Gifted and Talented programmes and to provide curriculum enrichment for all pupils.

Whilst the teachers’ packs are generally geared towards specific Key Stages, in reality the objects are very versatile and can be used to support a great number of activities for any age or learning stage. Learning staff are available to suggest ways the boxes can be used.

loan box

The objects are specially packed in foam in metal boxes to keep them safe while they’re transported. You can borrow a loan box free of charge for up to three weeks. Teachers need to collect and return the boxes from UCL, but they can be taken on public transport if necessary.

To book or make enquiries, please contact the Head of Learning and Access. We can also offer you advice on using handling collections with pupils and can suggest ways of making the best use of a loan box to support your teaching.

Subjects of the Loan Boxes

Ancient Greece


Teachers’ pack supports History Key Stage 2.

The objects in the box have been chosen from the Institute of Archaeology Collections because they represent or are examples from Ancient Greece which are comparable to contemporary British society, such as clothing styles, art and architecture, children’s games, trade and commerce. By using recognisable themes, children will be able to see similarities and differences between their lives and those of people in the past.

Find our more on the Institute of Archaeology Collections website

Animals & Biodiversity

Teachers’ pack support Science Key Stages 1 and 2.

From fossils to butterflies, including coral, feathers and skeletons from the Grant Museum of Zoology, the box provides a great introduction to the animal world. The pack has a huge range of lesson plans covering Moving and Growing; Habitats and Adaptations; Food Chains; Teeth and Eating and Ourselves.