The Geology Collections

Learning with objects has been an integral part of geological study at UCL since the first half of the nineteenth century. Today, the collection includes not only rocks, minerals and fossils collected over the last 175 years, but also individual collections of historical importance. The highlights include the Johnston-Lavis Volcanological collection, the Planetary Science Collection (Regional Planetary Image Facility) and the internationally recognised Micropalaeontological collections.

Rock room


A number of specimens from the Geology Collection currently feature in the new Octagon Exhibition 'Dangerous Diaries', which opened in late September. Samples include examples of asbestiform minerals, the specimen of Cleveite from which Helium was first identified on Earth and Smithsonite specimens from Laurium, the silver mines of ancient Athens. 

New year

We would like to wish all our visitors a very happy new year, and are pleased to say the Rock Room will be open again as normal from Friday 8th January 2016. 

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