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The collections at the Institute provide a valuable teaching and research resource for staff, students and external researchers. Undergraduate and post-graduate courses are enhanced by use of the collections in the teaching programmes. Through the collections students can be given direct contact with the material culture of the past.


Staff and students are happy to visit schools for tailored short sessions (for example on the use of writing in ancient societies) - arranged with the teacher in advance, these sessions are effective learning opportunities for pupils of all subjects. For example, last year a member of staff visited a local primary school to teach Key Stage One pupils about African art, as part of an 'Africa Week' at the school.

Loan box

Ancient Greece Loans Box

This loan box has been designed for use by Key Stage 2 children. The worksheets and teachers pack provided have been specifically created to incorporate History, English, Maths and Geography at a level appropriate for Key Stage 2. The themes introduced by the worksheets are firstly those recommended by the National Curriculum and secondly transferable aspects of Ancient Greek History. The objects in the box have been chosen because they represent or are examples from Ancient Greece which are comparable to contemporary British society, such as clothing styles, art and architecture, children’s games, trade and commerce. By using recognisable themes, children will be able to see similarities and differences between their lives and those of people in the past.

Slavery Loans Box

This loan box has been designed for use by children doing History Key Stage 3 (Black Peoples of America unit). It contains objects from a plantation site in America and some replicas of relevant finds. It provides an introduction to some of the issues around the Transatlantic Slave Trade and introduces the archaeological evidence. Teachers can use any of the eight lesson-plans included.

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