Classical Archaeology Collections


Roman knife handle with gladiator, UCL 1898

These collections contain objects from sites across the Mediterranean, ranging in date from the Neolithic down to the Ottoman period. Many of these were transferred from the former UCL Museum of Classical Archaeology. They include a superb collection of objects donated by Robert Gayer-Anderson, many from Ptolemaic period Egypt, as well as important Cypriot site material excavated by James Stewart and Joan du Plat Taylor.

This is a resource of considerable importance and objects have in recent years been loaned to museums in Greece for exhibition, as well as frequently appearing in displays around UCL. They are currently showcased in the A.G. Leventis Gallery of Cypriot and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology, located next to the Institute of Archaeology foyer.

The Institute also holds a Romano-British teaching collection, including items from the excavations of Mortimer Wheeler at Verulamium, and collections of small classical plaster casts of sculpture, gems and coins.

The Classical Archaeology Collection is of both national and local importance. Key sites are listed below.

Material from Cyprus

  • Aphendrika
  • Apliki
  • Ayios Philon
  • Enkomi
  • Kaimakli Evretades
  • Khirokitia
  • Myrtou Pigadhes
  • Sotira
  • Tsambres
  • Vounous
  • Vyrsi

Material from Greece

  • Aegina
  • Dhimini
  • Knossos
  • Mycenae
  • Nessonis
  • Sesklo
  • Sparta

Material from Egypt

  • Naukratis

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