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Thebes, the so-called Intef cemetery

Petrie only published the contents of the tombs found, without any plans. Tomb groups can only be reconstructed from the tomb number which Petrie wrote on the objects and next to the objects in the publication. Some information on the tombs is given in the notebooks. Petrie did not publish a detailed plan of the cemetery.

Tombs of the early Eleventh Dynasty

Tomb A 21
Tomb A 56

Tombs of the late Middle Kingdom - 18th Dynasty (about 2025-1400 BC)

Tomb B 15 (18th Dynasty)
Tomb B 20 (17th Dynasty ?)

Tomb B 21 (with reconstruction of the tomb, following the description in the notebook)
Tomb B 23 - shaft tomb with a chamber at North-east (17th or Early 18th Dynasty)

Tomb B 30
13th Dynasty (?)
Tomb B 33
soul house
Burial of the 17th Dynasty
'the dancer's tomb' 17th Dynasty (?)

the following objects in the Petrie Museum are published by Petrie without further information; the stone vessels are said to come from cemetery A (Petrie 1909: pl. VIII, 3+5)

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