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Stone vessels in Early Dynastic Egypt: typology

The numbers at left refer to Aston 1994: 79-90, the datings follow Aston 1994: 91-116
(click on the images to see a larger picture)

no. 33 UC16991, alabaster vessel from Tarkhan   Naqada III - Fourth Dynasty
no. 40 UC 14957, calcite vessel from Hierakonpolis   First Dynasty
no. 44 UC 14984, calcite plate from Hierakonpolis    
no. 45 UC 14958, calcite bowl from Hierakonpolis UC 16973, gypsum bowl from Tarkhan Naqada II - Old Kingdom, New Kingdom
no. 59 UC 41267 UC 41290, breccia vessel Early Dynastic Period
no. 75 UC 41256   Naqada III - Third Dynasty
no. 78 UC 5410   First Dynasty
no. 84 UC17003   First Dynasty to Sixth Dynasty



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