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Saqqara: The Sacred Animal Necropolis: temple furniture

Wooden objects (but: UC 30625 is a stone column base). They were perhaps part of small wooden shrines. UC 30579 is the fragment of an open work panel showing the Nile god Hapi; maybe from a frieze of similar gods forming a relief on a shrine or other item of cult apparel.

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UC 30561 UC 30579 UC 30625 UC 30627 UC 30649 UC 30651

Different bronze objects

Many of the following objects were found in Cache 9 in Falcon Gallery 16, which is one of the few excavated galleries.

UC 30654 UC 30658 UC 30663 UC 30655

Offering or incense stands

They might have been supports for offering, libation vessels, lamps or incense burners. About 25 examples were found.

UC 30666 UC 30664 UC 30667 UC 390662

Votive objects

The situlae seem to have been dedicated by people visiting the temple. Whenever the temple was overcrowded with offerings they were removed and buried in the temple area. The small offering-tables with figures are also associated with libations by their form and iconography.

UC 30653 UC 30657 UC 30810 UC 30809



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