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Saqqara: The Sacred Animal Necropolis: block 2

The area was excavated by W.B. Emery in 1970-1972. Block 2 was once either a domestic or administrative building complex. Block 3 was a large open sunken courtyard. It is possible that it is identical with a structure called pA inHii pA Hb pA bik (the courtyard of the Ibis and the Falcon), mentioned in Demotic texts.

plan of 'block 2 and 3'

Finds from the building complex in the Petrie Museum
(click on the images for a larger picture)

Block 3
Room G
Room J
UC 30499
UC 30815
UC 30827
UC 30814
UC 30828

Martin 1981: 20-26 (block 2), 27-31 (block 3)


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