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Table of all known royal pyramids in Egypt
In the Old and Middle Kingdom only the kings and some queens were buried in pyramids.

name of king Dynasty location
satellite pyramid
pyramids of queens
Djoser Third Dynasty Saqqara    
Semerkhet Saqqara    
Khaba Zawiyet el-Aryan    
unknown king   Abu Rowash      
Snefru Fourth Dynasty Meydum 1  
Snefru Dahshur (bent pyramid) 1  
Snefru Dahshur (red pyramid)    
Khufu Gizeh 1 3
Djedefre Abu Rowash 1   Valloggia 2001
Khafre Gizeh 1  
Nebka (?) Zawiyet el-Aryan    
Menkawre Gizeh   3
Userkaf Fifth Dynasty Saqqara 1 1
Sahure Abusir 1  
Neferikare Abusir    
Khentkaus (queen's mother)   Abusir 1    
Shepseskare   Abusir (?)      
Neferefre Abusir    
Niuserre Abusir 1  

queen Renputnebu (?) (Lespsius XXIV)

  Abusir 1    
Lepsius XXV   Abusir      
Djedkare Saqqara (south) 1  
wife of Djedkare   Saqqara (south) 1    
Unas Saqqara 1  
Teti Sixth Dynasty Saqqara 1 2
Pepy I Saqqara (south) 1 3
Merenre Saqqara (south)    
Pepy II Saqqara (south) 1 3
Ibi Eigth Dynasty Saqqara (south)      
Merykare (?) 10th Dynasty Saqqara    
Amenemhat I Twelfth Dynasty Lisht    
Senusret I Lisht 1 9
Amenemhat II Dahshur    
Senusret II Lahun 1  
Senusret III Dahshur   7
Amenemhat III Dahshur    
Amenemhat III Hawara    
Ameny Qemaw 13th Dynasty Dahshur     Swelim/Dodson 1998
Amenemhat V (?) Dahshur    
unknown king Mazghunah (north)    
unknown king Mazghunah    
Khendjer Saqqara (south) 1   Jéquier 1933
unknown king Saqqara (south)     Jéquier 1933
unknown king   Dahshur    
unknown king   Dahshur    

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