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Marl fabrics
(the Vienna system)

Bourriau/Nicholson/Rose 2000: 131-132

Marl A
Marl B
Marl C
Marl D
Marl E
dense homogeneous matrix with fine to medium sized minerals
texture is extremely coarse
matrix is fine with limestone particles, sand as filler
angular limestone inclusions, they are smaller than from Marl C
like Marl B, but having straw as filler
extreme hardness
fabric is hard except for highly fired examples
low porosity and hardness is very great
low porosity and fabric is very hard
like Marl B
pale green colour on surface and in fracture
fracture has often a pink core and grey-green outer zone
grey-white firing surface with dark core
light grey to green surface, fracture is pale reddish brown
like Marl B
examples example example example no example in the Petrie Museum
Upper Egyptian origin
very common in the Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period
used all over Egypt during 18th Dynasty
most common at Ballas (early 18th Dynasty)



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