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Book of the Dead Chapter 56

This occurs once before the New Kingdom, among funerary compositions written on the walls of a late Middle Kingdom coffin found at Lisht (numbered by de Buck as 'Coffin Texts', number 222).

The following version is that in the papyrus of Nu:

r n ssnt TAw (sxm) m mw m Xrt-nTr
i.itm di.k n.i TAw nDm imy Srt.k
ink sxn st twy Hrt-ib wnw
iw.i sAw.n.i swHt twy nt ngg-wr
rwd.i rwd.s anx.i anx.s ssn.i TAw ssn.s TAw

Formula for breathing air and (having power0 over water in the necropolis
O Atum give me the sweet breath that is in your nostril
I am the one who embraces that place amid Wenu
I am who guards that egg of the great goose
As I am strong, it is strong, as I live, it lives, as I breathe air, it breathes air


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