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Loyalist Teaching

Sources (after Posener 1976)


Principal sources

  1. stela of Sehetepibra Cairo CG 20538 (reign of Amenemhat III, about 1825 BC)
  2. wooden writing-board Cairo JE 43261D 'Carnarvon Tablet II' (early Dynasty 18, about 1500 BC)
  3. papyrus Louvre E 4864 (mid Dynasty 18, about 1400 BC)
  4. papyrus fragments Pierpont Morgan Library Amherst XII+XIII (late Dynasty 18, about 1350 BC)


Sources in the Petrie Museum


Other sources

  1. 2 writing tablets of limestone, Oriental Institute Chicago no no. (Posener 1976, 9 'OIOC') and Cairo IFAO Cat.1238 (Posener 1976, 10)
  2. 62 hieratic ostraca of the New Kingdom, in addition to that in the Petrie Museum noted above, full list in Posener 1976, 8-11


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