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Koptos, back pillar of the statue of a queen

UC 14521

Back pillar of a queen's statue. Only the titles (including: 'king's daughter', 'king's sister', 'royal wife') have survived, not the name of the queen. The titles are known from several Ptolemaic queens including Cleopatra VII. The queen wears a triple uraeus which also might refer to the latter queen.

The triple uraeus:

A triple uraeus does not appear very often on royal heads. Its interpretation remains uncertain. A double uraeus, which also does not appear very often, may represent the 'two lands' (Upper- and Lower Egypt).

It might be suggested that the triple uraeus represents Cleopatra, Caesarion and Julius Caesar (as Isis, Horus and Osiris). However, Caesar never ruled Egypt and it is therefore not easy to connect him with Egyptian royal attributes.

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