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Roman Koptos: trade correspondence: translations

UC 32038

Aniketos, slave of Kommounos, (himself) slave of Tiberius Caesar Augustus, greets Philostratus, son of Panes. I received from you from Berenike six Ptolemaitic (amphorae) of wine, that is to say 6 Ptolemaitic (amph.), which Agathokles, son of Asklepiades had handed over to you for my account and for which you have a freight box from Koptos. Year 20 (?) of Tiberius Caesar Augustus, the first of Tobe.

Ptolemaitic - from the town Ptolemais (in Upper Egypt)


UC 32370

Carpos, slave of Marcus Laelius Hymenaios greets Peteharpochrates son of Nicanor. I received from you from Berenike six aminean amphores of wine, in 3 deliveries, that is to say 6 amphorae, 3 deliveries, which you have handed over to Coptos Phnas, son of Paminis for the account of Marcus Laelius Hymenaios. Year 21 of Tiberius Caesar Augustus, the 19th of Hathor.

aminean - maybe wine coming from Italy


UC 32372

Isidora, daughter of Menodoros greets Peteharpochrates son of Nicanor (...). I received from you from Myos Hormos for the account of Gaius Norbanus Ptolemy, six deliveries (of corn?), together 26 artabes, nine metreters of medicine (possible 480 liters), that is to say four loadings and nine rush mats, that is to say eight. (...) son of ... odoros, I wrote for her, because she is illeterate. (Year ... of Gaius) Caesar Augustus Germanicus (month and day).


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