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The jewellery on some individuals buried in Tarkhan

(click on the image to see the original finds)

woman buried in Tarkhan Tomb 694 (two armlets)

(also found in tomb 279)

woman buried in Tarkhan Tomb 1877 (one armlet, one necklace)

the ornaments of a child, from Tarkhan Tomb 1277,
a very early example for a broad collar. The exact findspot and number of armlets in the tomb is not known.


More examples, reconstructed from the tomb cards

tomb 81, 1520, 1890
(one bead armlet)
in tomb 639: one armlet


tomb 1749 (one bead armlet, one bead necklace)

tomb 1283, 1329, 1660, 1881 (one bead armlet)

tomb 694, 895, 1263, 1317, 1510, 1591, 1733, 1828, 1831 (the most common: a bead necklace)

tomb 1557 - a young woman (beads at hand, neck and legs)

tomb 1604 (five armlets)

tomb 278 (four armlets)

tomb 279 (two armlets)


one bead armlet

a bead necklace

tomb 1729, 1739, 1892
tomb 603a, 1285, 1564



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