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Hawara, the tomb chapels: architecture

In the Roman period the whole area around the pyramid of Amenemhat III must have been covered with chapels of different size and appearance. Petrie excavated and published only a small selection. Following his descriptions they were built in mud brick; some of them were adorned with painted decorations and small pyramids. In Hawara (as in other cemeteries) tomb stones were found. However, it is not clear how they were placed in the tombs. They might have been part of the chapel as indicated by the evidence from other sites (compare Abou Billou) or they might have been free standing, perhaps placed directly over the buried body. The mummies found at Hawara were often rather carelessly placed into the ground. Burial goods are common, but not very often found together with the painted portraits.

A burial with several mummies

redrawing of a burial found by Petrie; for the original drawing click here
A burial of five mummies in two layers, some of them adorned with painted mummy portraits

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